About ClatPrep

Established in 2015, with head office in Jaipur, Rajasthan with a single motive of result oriented and quality driven education for CLAT aspirants.

ClatPrep is a well known name in the CLAT, AILET, SLAT coaching and various law entrance exam preparation courses. ClatPrep is a premier institution imparting the best support, direction, and guidance to all the aspirants of CLAT, AILET, SLAT and various other Law Entrance exams.

Today’s judicious and correct decisions will shape the career and future. ClatPrep ensures a genuine and proper mentoring and guidance for young law aspirants and will help them in achieving admission their dream Law School by clearing Law Entrance exams such as CLAT, AILET, SLAT, LSAT etc.

ClatPrep classroom and distance education programs and training modules are designed by a team of well experienced and qualified experts (including various NLU alumni) who have the neck, experience and focus for CLAT exam. Conceptual clarity, gaining core knowledge, subject clarity, etc. are top priorities of academic team at ClatPrep.

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Why to choose ClatPrep for the best CLAT Coaching?

Since inception, ClatPrep is the pioneer in imparting value based and result oriented education for young law aspirants and preparing them for various law entrance exams like CLAT, AILET, SLAT, LSAT, MHCET etc. We say – ClatPrep completes your CLAT Preparation, it’s not just a saying, we believe in it and we prove it by our results.

Here is a list of pointers you must evaluate before deciding your place for CLAT preparation –

Our Results

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The first and obvious pointer is the institutes’ record.
"Apna Result Bolta hai ....... "
Since its inception ClatPrep is known to have produced amazing results. Some of Top results are :


  • CLAT 2023 - AIR 1(Girls),
  • CLAT 2023 - AIR 2,
  • CLAT 2023 - AIR 6,
  • 1400+ NLU Selections since 2015.
  • 95+ selections in NLU Bangalore since 2015.
  • 78+ selections in NLU Hyderabad since 2015.
  • 92+ selections in NLU Kolkata since 2015.
  • 117+ selections in NLU Delhi since 2015.
  • 494+ selections in Top five NLUs since 2015.


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At ClatPrep we are committed towards best academic delivery. We have a dedicated team of well experienced and qualified mentors including NLU Alumni for relevant and best quality CLAT preparation. While looking for CLAT coaching centres, ensure that the teachers who will be teaching are graduates themselves from top law schools or CLAT experts with an abundance years of experience.

Mode of Study (Online vs. Offline)

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This is one of the most popular struggles among the students- the decision between online and offline mode of coaching. Most CLAT coaching centers provide both online and offline mode of study. The best way to decide is to weigh the factors of both offline and online mode, and see which one best suits your need. Students who reside nearby the coaching centers normally opt for the classroom teaching because it’s more feasible in every sense. The online mode is mostly picked by working professionals or the individuals who live far away from the center. Law School Tutorials (LST) provides both online/ offline mode, morning batch/ evening batch, and more, to give the students the maximum leverage of choosing the best mode of study.

Study Material/ Test Series

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Students enrolled in the CLAT Coaching program get the benefit of receiving comprehensive study materials and regular mock tests. CLAT study materials are meticulously designed to give the students the best of best. It covers the basics and the advanced topics by subject experts. The test series provided are set in accordance with the pattern and difficulty level of the real exam. This is done to train and give the students the feeling closest to the CLAT paper.
These benefits don’t only fuel the favourable odds of CLAT success, but also helps in the long term academic journey. While there are always exceptions with enrolling into coaching programs, if you think proper expert guidance is for you then CLAT coaching is the right decision/ choice.

Other Important Points to consider:

Comfortable surrounding

The mention of comfort may sound ironic considering how the preaching for success is all about hard work and slipping out the comfort zone to achieve the result needed. However, the CLAT coaching program should be a program that you’re most comfortable with. Long term or short term coaching, you will be dedicating your time and health into it. And that is why it is important to pick the program that best compliments your comfort. It won’t be a bad idea to sit for a demo class or two to make sure you like what you’re being taught or how you’re being taught.

Strong Preparation:

CLAT coaching will give a structured mode of preparation. With early preparation under the direction of experts/teachers, students are better prepared to tackle the exam. One famous thing about CLAT exam is the surprise questions. Many times, the conducting NLUs have given a massive surprise by including questions that are out of the syllabus topics. CLAT Coaching helps in thoroughly understanding the topics that are sometimes hard to penetrate on your own- this helps the students overcome any surprise challenges, and appear victorious.

Disciplined Preparation:

A pinch of dedication goes a long way, but it goes even longer when combined with discipline. The most important keystone of life is discipline. With CLAT coaching, students are taught to be disciplined. The rhythmic cycle of the coaching classes lays down the norm of dedicating a certain number of hours every day through classes and preparation time for the class. The disciplined mode of preparation pushes the students to best manage their time and to try their best.

Pressure-free learning:

CLAT syllabus may not be the vastest syllabus under the sun, but it harbors its share of vastness. This can be daunting for the students. Learning with comfort under the guidance of the teachers and mentors gives a safe and relaxed environment. Pressure due to doubts or inability to achieve a clear concept will not be a constraint. With CLAT Coaching, the doubts are nursed by the teachers, while the students get to prepare better with an eased and relaxed mind.


Another great advantage of CLAT coaching is self-analysis. With other students learning under the same roof, it gives a good platform to know where you stand among the other CLAT aspirants. The classroom competition enables the discovery of the level of competition up to a certain extent. It also helps in revealing both the improvement areas and strong areas of the student.