Rank Booster Classes

The most important and critical aspect of last month of preparation is Revision.

Rank Booster Classes (RBC), an ingeniously built in-house programme by ClatPrep Education, helps NLU aspirants master all the concepts that are required to secure a seat at top NLUs. While 15-session programme offers quick revision of entire Law Syllabus, it is in no way less important to the conventional courses offered by ClatPrep.

As the Law Exams approach nearer, this programme helps you cover – with guidance of subject experts – all the important topics just before the exam so that you are all-ready to take the exam with full confidence.

What Is Rank Booster Classes (RBC)?

It’s a combined package of test series, RBS workbooks and Revisionary & rank improvement classes (online) for a 360 degree revision. It consists of:

1. Rank Booster series:

         a. Printed Workbooks designed for thorough Revision for CLAT 2022.

         b. Best revision tool for all subjects.

        c. Separate workbooks for Legal Aptitude, Current Affairs, Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Techniques.

        d. More than 2000 practice questions with detailed solutions (CLAT Pattern).

        e. Access to GK Mantra (Current affairs Magazine) & Law Grid (Legal awareness Magazine).

        f. Access to monthly Current Affairs Tests.

2. Mini Test Series:

         a. 15 CLAT Mocks – 15 New CLAT Pattern Mocks in printed form.

         b. Virtual OMR system to upload your response and get All India Ranks and analysis

        c. E-Material (PDF uploaded in student portal)

        d. GK Mantra - (a Bi- monthly Current Affair Magazine)

        e. Law Grid - (a monthly Legal Magazine)

3. Revision Classes (Online): It is a revision capsule of 15 live & Interactive online classes. Our expert and most experienced faculty will take following classes to help you revise all subjects before CLAT exam:

a. Critical Reasoning (3 classes)- Marathon sessions on CR section will cover all genre of questions right from statements based to Para based questions and then finally covering all types of questions related to passages. The aim of the classes will be to prepare the students holistically on all types of questions so that he/she becomes adept at all variety of questions.

b. Legal Reasoning (3 classes) - The Legal sessions on RBC Programme is the preparation material of the last resort. It will give you a complete summarised and bird's eye view of every important legal event, legal conceptualities and terminologies while aiding you in build strategies regarding time management, choosing right options and eliminating the wrong ones on law entrance examinations.

c. Current Affairs (4 classes) - This highly specialised course for GK will cover the most important topics over last 8 months with their complete background.

d. Reading Comprehension (3 classes) – The last-minute English and Reading Comprehension sessions will cover the most important concepts, including strategies to build solid reading, identification of flaws that compel you into selecting wrong options, management of time on the section, and other academic concepts.

e. Quantitative Techniques (2 classes) – This module will try to help you design smart calculation techniques, most important concepts, tricks and short cut methods to solve various type of QT questions.

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