CLAT 2018 topper

'My name is Aman Garg. I am an exclusive student of Clat Prep Education. I was in T2 batch, 2 years class room programme. Under the guidance of ClatPrep Faculties, I have scored 159 in CLAT 2018 organised by NUALS, Kochi. My CP ID is CP20180046. I am thankful to Clat Prep Education for guiding me towards success. THANK YOU !'


CLAT - 2018 AIR 1

CLAT ailet topper

'I am an exclusive CLAT PREP student of batch T4. C.P.I.D-CP20161458. My score in CLAT 2018 is 157.75. I owe my success entirely to the commendable guidance and teaching of Clat Prep family. I am grateful for their sound advice and unwavering cooperation.'


CLAT - 2018 AIR 2

clat 2019 topper

'My name is Gauresh Chaudhary. My CP ID is 14100666. I scored 1st rank in PWD category in CLAT 2019. In my success ClatPrep played the greatest role. The hard work and guidance of teachers helped me to beg a seat in NLS Banglore. ClatPrep has the best and most experienced faculty team. Their way of teaching regular mocks and seminars are incredible. If a student wants to go to his/her dream law school then ClatPrep is the best place to prepare. Thanks to ClatPrep.'


CLAT – 2019 AIR 1 (PWD)

ailet topper

'I joined ClatPrep Education for 1 month Crash Course. The Faculty at ClatPrep is great and very helpful. They guided me a lot about how to prepare in 1 month for CLAT. ClatPrep material was concise and very nice to revise from, while its mocks were very helpful in analysing where I went wrong. I think my rank would not have been this high had I not taken ClatPrep Express Course.'


AILET - 2016 AIR 3 (ST)

ailet nlu delhi topper

'ClatPrep played a vital role in my success in AILET. I liked the ClatPrep mocks, as you can really access your preparation & get an exposure to competition. The GK Compendiums were very helpful too and helped in quick revision during the last few days prior to AILET. And the best part, ClatPrep was always there during the times of doubts & duress.'


AILET - 2016 AIR 3

best result AIL topper

'I am Kislaya Singh and I have secured an AIR 2 in AIL Mohali. I joined ClatPrep in its crash course programme. I owe my result to ClatPrep because it provided me the right kind of guidance, material and support and made this possible in a very short span of time. The faculties here are very supportive. I thank Clat Prep from the bottom of my heart for helping me to achieve my goal.'


AIL-2019 AIR 2

nlu delhi ailet topper

'I wish to thank ClatPrep Education for guiding and mentoring me. I joined Achievers Batch and found the faculty to be excellent from day one. Well designed study material, good Quality Mocks and relevant GK modules provided by ClatPrep helped a lot in cracking AILET. Thank You ClatPrep.'


AILET - 2015 AIR 2

clat topper best result

'Words probably aren't enough to thank you for your efforts in guiding aspirants like me & many others to help us reach our goals. I would like to heartily thank ClatPrep for everything that you have done for me. Keep fulfilling dreams. Thank you.'


CLAT - 2014 AIR 2

clat topper best result in india

'My name is Kirti Meena. My CP ID is CP14101089. I am a regular classroom student of ClatPrep. I have secured a seat in NLS, Bangalore. with an unending amount of patience and energy, ClatPrep Team creatively formulates way to teach students of all capabilities and learning styles. I am thankful to my mentors at ClatPrep.'


CLAT-2019 AIR 3 (ST)

clat 2018 topper nls bangalore

'I am an exclusive CLAT PREP Education student of batch A03 (classroom programme). My score in CLAT 2018 is 157.75. My Clat Prep ID is CP20161823. I am thankful to ClatPrep team for their hard work and dedication that has helped me secure good marks in CLAT 2018. Thank You!'


CLAT - 2018 AIR 3